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Top pick ups for the week. NBA Fantasy

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Hey guys, it’s waiver wire week here. I’ve received a few questions recently asking how to deal with a few situations on team’s rosters so here are your answers in this week’s waiver wire pickup.

Kevin Love Owners
It was devastating for many owners of Kevin Love this season. I myself have felt this pain. Honestly it sucks to lose a player like him. (20pts, 12 rebs) Assuming Minnesota will not rush him back this time, his broken right hand should take at least 8 weeks to heal. Right now I’d advise owners to drop him. And add

1. Andrew Bogut. Center. Golden State. (58% owned)
Bogut himself is an injury prone center coming off recent foot problems. If added, don’t expect major minutes (30+) or back to back starts till after all star break. However in Bogut’s first game back, he managed to nearly put up a double double with 12pts, 8rebs, 2ast, 1stl, and 4 blocks! In just a mere 23 minutes! Consider him a must add in all league forms.

Rondo Owners
I have also received multiple questions from Rajon Rondo owners asking whether to seek out a trade or check waiver for a new pg. well honestly even with a trade, you still lose most production in another position you would be forced to give up to acquire a new pg. I advise giving these two players a few weeks before seeking a trade.

2/3 Jason Terry and Avery Bradley. Pg/Sg. Boston Celtics. (40% and 15% owned respectively)
Both of these two players are shooting guards who will be converted to point guards in the new Boston scheme to replace Rondo without seeking a trade from another organization. Neither have been exceptionally well, and one should not expect production even close to Rondo’s possible triple double nightly. However, expect major minutes for both with Terry coming off the bench and looking for the 3 ball.

Other possible ideas can come from shooting guard Courtney Lee and Leandro Barbosa from Boston. Both with receive boosts in minutes which should up their fantasy value as well, the problem is both are even less consistent than Terry and Bradley. Both should be available though easily in all leagues.

One final idea would be the waiver switcheroo strategy. This strategy is for Owners that check their team daily. While this process is a great way to grab points daily, your waiver order drops to last in the league. This strategy is essentially a double edged sword. Here is how to use the switcheroo effectively though.

1.Drop your hurt player
2.Daily, check the waiver wire for the best player available playing that night.
3.Add him and set your line up for the day.
4.The next day, drop the player picked up if he does not have a game that day and repeat the previous steps.
This allows users to at least keep limited fantasy points and production to continue daily rather than just 1 massive amount every other night from a superstar stud player.

Alright guys that’s all I’ve got for today. Be sure to send any questions to my twitter page @THE_FUNDERBOLT and make sure to follow. I’ll see you guys soon!


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