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Anything Could Happen

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Anything can happen. 3 words that can be used anytime in sports, particularly with basketball. The NBA prides itself with this statement, while also featuring the slogan “where big things happen.” Well Wednesday night, something big did happen in the NBA. After much speculation, small forward Rudy Gay from Memphis was traded to the Toronto Raptors. This happened in a 3 way deal involving Toronto, the Detroit Pistons (Tayshaun Prince and Ed Davis to Memphis) and the Memphis Grizzlies (receiving Jose Calderon.) To the teams and organizations this trade makes perfect sense. Memphis unloads an overpaid player, Toronto loses an unnecessary older point guard, and Detroit frees cap space. As for fantasy value though, many players have been changed: some for better, some for worse.

Now let’s get to the fantasy stuff that we all came here for…
For Rudy Gay (value goes up)

Gay’s value is going to grow obviously. He has now landed on a crappy team with no superstars other than a young point guard who was limited by the veteran who has fled the coop as well after seeking a trade. Expect Gay’s 17 ppg to grow to maybe around 23 but field goal % to drop with the more shots he takes. Assists per game could also drop as well though 2.6 wasn’t exactly a lot to begin with. In short, Gay’s fantasy value grows somewhat.

For Kyle Lowry (value goes WAY UP)
This trade is GREAT for Kyle Lowry. He officially is the main point guard in Toronto and should be considered the 2nd scoring option behind Gay while big man Bargnani heals up from injury. Also without the need to split time with Calderon, all stats should go up including his 13 ppg, and 6 asst per game. Overall expect huge increase in fantasy production.

For Jose Calderon (value stays the same)
Do not expect Calderon to be in Detroit for very long unless he turns out to be too good to pass up. With Detroit looking to rebuild around Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight, an overpaid veteran is the last thing they need taking up cap space. However he is better in production than the two (Prince, Davis) that Detroit traded away. Expect Calderon to move to the starting point guard spot and move Knight over to Shooting Guard. Calderon will must likely increase in points (currently only 11ppg) with more minutes but with no help around stay the same in every other stat. Basically fantasy value is neutral.

For Brandon Knight (value goes down)
Brandon Knight probably suffers the most out of anyone in this trade. Knight loses his point guard spot and is forced to move over to shooting guard. Knight already is bad at 3pt shooting, hitting a mere 1.7 per game. All of these extra shots will drop his field goal % and with Calderon at point, Assists will drop possibly from his 4 (terrible for a starting point) a game too. I wouldn’t drop him yet, because as stated earlier, anything can happen, however if I own him then I am checking for Return dates for Danny Granger and Andrew Bynum just incase.

Alright well that about does it guys. As always, for any questions tweet me @THE_FUNDERBOLT. I’ll answer anything you got guys so follow me and check it out!

All stats as well as %s are credited to ESPN.



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