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The Luck of the Irish

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The Boston Celtics franchise is one that has always been built on talent, superstition, and luck. Lately however, it appears two of those three have apparently run out. All Star Point Guard Rajon Rondo has partially torn his ACL and is expected to miss at least 6 months and talented rookie Jared Sullinger has received back surgery for lumbar discs and is also expected to miss the rest of the season. 2 players out for the season with injury is very high, however that is not the end to the celtics’ problems as back up point guard Leandro Barbosa is now out for the season with an ACL tear.

The Celtics are now in somewhat of a bind. Somehow the team has managed to flourish without their elite floor general winning 6/7 of their last games, however the injury bug is prompting general manager Danny Ainge to make some trade magic work before the February 21st deadline. With pressure from fans growing though, is it really the right idea to break this team up rather than just search for an answer out of free agency?

The answer is no, for multiple reasons with the first being the lack of trades. The Celtics have many “toys” that would like to acquire however, they have almost nothing valuable in return. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, the 2 most valuable trade assets are not going anywhere. Garnett’s no trade clause allows him to chose his own faith in the league. Pierce, a lifetime Celtic and 15 year fan favorite, also shall not be leaving.

That leaves few options for Ainge to consider with only Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass, and Jason Terry to deal, all on the first years of their new deals with the Cs other than Bradley. All of these players also have either been underperforming or coming of injury. Most of these players the Celtics will not be looking to ship, those being young but promising Bradley and super athletic Jeff Green. With Bass being overpaid in his new deal and Terry and Lee underperforming, the Celtics should not expect much in return for those two.

That leaves one option. Free Agency. At this point, the Celtics would be better of looking for key pieces on the waiver or their D league team in Maine. Multiple pieces can be found with the fist option being young point guard Shelvin Mack who is tearing apart the D league averaging 20 pts with 8 ast and 5 rebounds a game. Mack could come in and immediately receive 20 minutes easily.
Their is also former Celtic and fan favorite Delonte West. After his recent stint in Dallas, West has been on the free agent market waiting for the right team. West would know the current Celtic system well after being in Boston for two years.

Then their is one more option. THE Allen Iverson. Now before anyone decides to question this, let me explain. Iverson wants back into the league, not through the D league. Sound good so far? Iverson may have personality problems in the locker room. Well if that somehow shows with the presences of KG, Pierce, and Doc Rivers, then cut him. It won’t have cost anything and the celtics are back where they started. All the Celtics would have to do is call up AI and give him a workout. If he can play then great, of not, oh well.

Obviously the Celtics have run out of luck after their post season run to the eastern conference finals but, breaking this team up in the middle of the season is simply not the answer with the way the team is playing. In order to have ANY chance in the playoffs the Cs will need their current roster and more, not starting over and attempting to find more luck of the Irish.


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