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Smart Move?

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On Wednesday, March 27th, 2013, the great and almighty University of California lost to Virginia Commonwealth. How you might ask? VCU Head basketball coach, Shaka Smart elected to stay at the school that gave him his first head coaching job rather than move to a university filled with basketball tradition like UCLA or Minnesota and start anew. Smart believes though he can make VCU, a mid major conference team in the Atlantic 10 a perennial powerhouse comparable to all time greats like Duke University and Kansas.
We can’t really blame him as Smart is following the recent trend of these young coaches like Brad Stevens at the University of Butler, recently joining the Atlantic 10 themselves. Smart though has made massive strides for a VCU rams program that until his arrival in 2009 has almost no basketball history at all let alone sports history. We all know his rams though from the recent years in the “big dance’ resulting in millions of ruined ESPN brackets, especially after their amazing final four run in 2011, giving the rams their first ever appearance in The sweet 16, elite 8, and final four. Smart also recently has done an excellent job in recruiting with barely any help from the University. For the first time in the program’s history, VCU has had players drafted in the 1st round of the NBA Draft in consecutive years, those players being Larry Sanders and Eric Maynor in 2010 and 2009 respectively. For college basketball fans, Smart’s name is now a household one.
Many of you might remember the young coach during his stint with a school near here in the upstate filled with the color of Orange and Purple from 2006-2008. We won’t hold it against him, especially since he made the smart move, pun intended, to stay at VCU and rule the school through a contract extension running until 2023! The contract is said to be worth a salary raise to 1.3 million a year as well as raises for his staff and better equipment for the team to train and watch film with. Basketball is now king in Richmond and Shaka is making history while holding VCU to his mercy.


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